Huile Barbe - 50ML Beard Oil

Huile Barbe is a premium small batch organic beard oil that will keep your jaw’s pride and joy feeling soft, smelling manly and growing thick and strong.

Sweet Orange
Tea Tree          
Made In Australia

Huile Barbe works powerfully to make your chin hair shine with rude animal health and you get to smell damn good too. It’s what we like to call a mix of style and bush – clean and tidy while sporting a chin the ancient Greeks would envy.

With hints of almond, sweet orange and cedarwood infused into jojoba and almond oil, Huile Barbe is like a perfumed bath with candles and soft music for your beard, which needs to relax after a long day of making you look good.

A thing of beauty is a joy forever, and by adding Huile Barbe to your daily ablutions, you get to swipe right on your own reflection.

Huile Barbe uses 100% organic almond oil, pure uncut virgin grade jojoba oil and a tailored blend of pure essential oils - sweet orange, Himalayan cedarwood and tea tree - all sourced from local growers and suppliers.

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Huile Barbe 50ML

Premium Blend


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Notes of sweet orange, cedarwood, tee tree and almond makes our premium blend not only great for your beard, but great for anyone near you as the scent is manly and addictive.

Because your beard deserves to be treated like the regal looking king it’s made you become.


Made in Australia

Australian Made Beard Oil